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Thursday, May 6, 2010

IRON MAN 2 (Directed by Jon Favreau)


Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson

He Said:

A rare example of a sequel being as good (if not better than) the original. This film is not without its flaws (the second act seems a bit slow.) But over all a very enjoyable experience. The story made sense and even with everything that was going on it was very easy to keep track of all of the sub-plots.

It has been said a number of times before but never has a character been portrayed so spot on by an actor as Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. Given Downey Jr's somewhat chaotic and even at times erratic past behavior, he slips into the Tony Stark Persona as though it was written with him in mind.

The Sam Rockwell character portrayal of Justin Hammer was also spot on, as the man who wants to be Tony Stark, a fun side note is that Sam rockwell was one of the original actors being considered for the Tony Stark roll that eventually went to Robert Downey Jr. Rockwell's portrayal of Justin Hammer the contemporary rival of Stark, is portrayed with just a hint of jealousy and envy that is very entertaining.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the outstanding (if somewhat minor) performance of Mickey Rourke. Rourke (another actor in the midst of a surprising comeback) actually learned to speak fluent Russian for his portrayal of Ivan Vanko with the unnamed alias Whiplash. A very different character from 2008's The Wrestler, Rourke has shown a quiet confidence that I am sure will further cement his A list status.

One of my few complaints with the film is with the Scarlett Johansson portrayal of Natalie Rushman (the similarly unnamed alias of Black Widow) while she looked every bit the part, she didn't sound it, as the character is supposed to be Russian as well. Though there is mention of her being fluent in Russian in the film. I did really enjoy this film and think that everyone that enjoys action films will enjoy this as well. I give it [[[4 out of 5]]]

She Said:

I like the Iron Man films because where they could easily slip into 'just another action hero film' they are more intelligent; with a proper story with humour and depth. I felt that it was on a par with the first film although, as James said, the second act was a bit slow.

Although Iron Man and Hulk already nodded towards the upcoming Avengers movies, I felt that this had a feel of prequel about it. The Avengers plot was intertwined with the main story of this film and I felt like it was easier for fans to follow. Luckily I saw it with Marvel man James our comic book nerd friend Ross.

As with Iron Man I was impressed by the set designs and CGI in this film. The futuristic looking technology was fantastic with floating computer screens controlled by hand movements (almost a staple for film techs since Minority Report) but not so ridiculous that it looked unbelievable.

Overall I feel that this film had lived up to its hype and of course Robert Downey Jr lived and breathed Tony Stark effortlessly. Rockwell and Rourke were great nemeses for Iron Man although perhaps they could have been developed more if not for the Avengers sub-plot pushing in on screen time. That isn't a criticism... just a thought.

If you liked Iron Man then you will like this. I suggest seeing it with someone who doesn't looked blank at the following words: Captain America, Thor, Avengers. I give this film {{{4 out of 5}}}

They Said:

A film that could have very easily became a live action rock-em sock-em robots (actually already in development) has a great story and stands well on its own. We give it {{{8 out of 10}}}

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