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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Directed by: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Release date: USA 24 November 2010 UK 28 Jan 2011
Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Pearlman

He said:
Disney's 50th animated film was tasked with filling a very large pair of the mouse's shoes. I am pleased to report that this film delivers a wonderful heart warming film full of the action and romance you expect from the House of Mouse.

After the less than stellar performance of 2009's Princess and the Frog, Tangled has put every effort into making itself appeal to Disney's young male audience as well as it's built in young princess demographic, going as far as changing the title from Rapunzel to Tangled a mere 6 months before the films release.

There are several "Easter Eggs" through out the film that reference Disney's previous 49 animated films (similar to MGM's 20th 007 Bond film Die Another Day) that would likely be even more apparent on repeat viewings. The only reason I noticed as many as I did is that I am constantly looking out for the iconic mouse ears that Disney sneaks into every film.

The long and short of it is simple this is more than just a pretty picture, with a slightly different look at a well known story, well developed characters and an enjoyable mix of action and music this is film for the whole family.
I give it {{{4 out of 5}}}

She said:

I enjoyed The Princess and the Frog, which came out last year from Disney, but it wasn't memorable. I can't remember a single song. All I can see in my head are frogs singing something about life on the Bayou. This year we get Tangled and I have a feeling Disney were saving their best work in recent years for the big 50!

The great thing about Disney is that it takes classic stories that you have heard over and over and over, that you think you know so well - and it then injects it with magic and makes it feel like the first time you heard it. Now I have to admit I was always going to like this film because... well, it IS Disney, but I my expectations were actually exceeded. I think I thought I had "grown out" of Disney a little bit. But right from when the shooting went over the castle I got a chill. You never grow out of Disney.

Overall the film is everything you need. There are great songs - some that make you shed a tear, some that make you feel like tapping your toes and jumping into the screen. There was also some really beautiful animation. There was a rugged hero, there was a vulnerable yet capable Princess, there were cute animal sidekicks... what more could you want!

I give this film {{{4 out of 5}}}

They said: You can probably wait till DVD as the 3D isn't essential but it definately a fun watch at the cinema. We give it [[[8 out of 10]]]

Question of the day: Which of Disney's 50 animated films is your favorite?

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