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Monday, January 25, 2010

Double Feature: St. Trinian's & St. Trinian's 2: The Legend Fritton's Gold

St. Trinian's

Directed by Oliver Parker & Barnaby Thompson:
Starring: Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Russell Brand & Talulah Riley

He said:

St Trinian's was one of those films in our Love Film (NetFlix) queue that I really had very little actual interest in. I hadn't heard anything about it good or bad. I really don't know what I expected other than that I expected it to be bad. The reason I put it in our queue in the first place was because the sequel is currently playing in cinemas across the UK at the moment. The sequel touts David "Doctor Who" Tennant as one of its leading actors. Which to be honest made me want to see it. I'll talk more on Tennant in the sequels review.

This really was a cute film, it has well timed humor and for the most part the characters are well balanced. This is a movie aimed at the demographic of school aged girls. Everyone is enjoying themselves and I would like to think it was one of those films where the cast genuinely got on together off screen as well as on. The film plays its role well, with out giving too much away, it really is just fun.

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I was going to, I give it {{{{4 out of 5 stars}}}}

She said:

In a time of political correctness being shoved down ours throats it is really refreshing to see a comedy that doesn't shy away from the risque. Like James I was apprehensive about watching this film. But after the first few minutes these nerves were left behind.

This film turns around the moral panics and issues of today's society such as underage drinking, anarchy and objectification of women in such a blatant way it becomes endearing. The film does not cater to expectations but instead provides a truly silly, light-hearted film. Perfect if you want to escape to the ridiculous.

Set in a school the film has a great opportunity to play on the current teenage stereotypes: geeks, posh totty, emos, chavs etc. The director has got these characters really spot on with a delicate balance between exaggeration and familiarity.

It is sexy. It is cute. It is funny. It has Rupert Everett in drag. Watch it... although if you are not a fan of sillyness... avoid it. I give this film <<<3 out of 5>>>

They said:

If you are looking for a fun light film this has your name written all over it... most likely in lipstick on a bathroom mirror. We give it <<<7.5 out of 10>>>

St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold

Directed by: Oliver Parker & Barnaby Thompson
Starring: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, David Tennant & Talulah Riley

He said:

St Trinian's 2 is not as well put together as it's predecessor but it does accomplish what it set out to do. The film again is aimed squarely at it's demographic (young school aged girls). I really enjoyed seeing Tennant as a villain and I felt he faired well against Everett's character. Ms Fritton has a tendency to steal the show when she is on screen and Pomphrey never appeared to be playing second fiddle.

I think that the directors lost sight of a lot of what made the first film fun and tried playing in other areas which at times seemed unnecessary and completely ridiculous. The film never went so far as to bore me, but I was less amused by certain antics than they would have preferred.

There were a couple of St Trinian's girls that I thought could have used less screen time, but over all I left the theatre with a smile on my face. Honestly in a film like this, you don't sit down expecting a BAFTA or OSCAR performance you are just hoping to be entertained which I was. I will not be surprised if we start seeing the young Talulah Riley more and more over the next few years.

St Trinian's is another fun (if not at times ridiculous) film. I give it ((((3.5 out of 5))))

She said:

Just like the first film this is ridiculous and light-hearted, but I feel, like James, that this was not quite so well put together. School-age girls will still want to be a St Trinian's sexy anarchic student and the boys will still want to date them, but there was just something missing.

The stereotypes set up in the first film were still funny (and had the edition of the green power ecos) but they were slightly off-target. The emos were more goth like... but perhaps this is because of the actress replacing Paloma Faith (now famous singer) who was emo leader in film one.

It was fun to play with the history of the Fritton (headmistress) family and their rival Pomphrey. I enjoyed the women hating Pomphrey against the girl-power Frittons but felt the message a little too obvious.

Plus the Sarah Harding character was completely pointless and this just really got my goat. If you are going to pull in audiences with a famous face lets make it a talented actress not a girl group singer with no acting skills.

Not as good as the first film but still fun to watch. I give this film <<<3 out of 5>>>

They said:

St. Trinian's is a franchise that you may just love to hate. It is so silly it become genuinely funny. We give this film <<<6.5 out of 10>>>

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