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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nine (Director: Rob Marshall)

Nine (Director: Rob Marshall)
Seen on Jan 04 2010.

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She said:

If I had to describe the film in a nutshell (without giving anything away of course) I would say it is a story about an Italian director’s relationships with different women - a mother figure, a muse, a wife, a mistress, a temptress, a prostitute, a confidante – while he is trying to create his ninth film. What could be better than a film about a director for our first review?

Watching this film was a thrill ride. It was about passion, love, style and fashion; words that have become synonymous with Italian culture. It is a country that speaks to the world about drama and emotion. And it is all these things that are at the forefront of this musical.

It is intelligent in its production. The musical numbers were mostly filmed on a single set with clever cinematography and set decoration changing the mood and tone of the scene. The ‘numbers’ were usually in a mixture of black and white, and in colour. This said two things to me:

Firstly, it conveyed the opposites of Italian culture and of the film itself. The morality of the Catholic Church versus the passion of Italian culture is one example. More specific to the film is the director’s illusions versus his reality – a master of creation unable to create. Secondly, the black and white, particularly in the way it was filmed, was reminiscent of Italian realism such as The Bicycle Thief (at least to me anyway).

One thing I really enjoyed about the movie was the convergence of different cultures. There was a French influence with Cage aux Folles style costumes for one song and the U.S. fashion world’s reaction to Italian cinema in another. This was something also carried into the production. The cast alone drew talent from Italy (Sophia Loren), France (Marion Cotillard), U.S.A. (Kate Hudson), Australia (Nicola Kidman), Britain (Judi Dench) etc.

Overall this musical was aesthetically pleasing while also maintaining dramatic tension. I very much enjoyed it.

If you like songs with meaning and amazing costumes produced in a slick, stylish way then this is the film for you. I give it {{{{4.5 out of 5}}}}

He said:

Overall I feel this movie was very well done. The musical style they incorporated having all the songs take place in Guido's imagination - similar to Roxy in Chicago, also directed by Rob Marshall - lent itself to both telling the story and not taking away from the scene. As an example in RENT the songs are part of the scene, all of the actors on screen suddenly know all the words and choreography, it tends to be annoying even in a production and or film I enjoy.

All of the actors do an amazing job and once again I am reminded of how truly amazing an actor Daniel Day-Lewis really is. I would recommend this film to friends and family and could very easily see it again.

If you enjoy musicals you will really enjoy this film. I give it {{{{4 out of 5}}}}

They said:
We give NINE an 8.5 out of 10.

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