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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Princess & The Frog (Written & Directed by Ron Clements & John Musker)

Starring Anika Noni Rose, Oprah Winfrey, Terrance Howard & Bruno Campos
Watched on February 7th.

He said:

As the trailer says this film was done in the classic tradition of Disney animation, it has the feel that once it is on your DVD shelf it will feel as though it has always been there. There is so much about this film that has throw backs to other classic Disney characters and archetypes. Helen and I left the film comparing certain characters to their Classic Disney ancestors. The music is composed beautifully by Randy Newman.

My only actual complaint with this film is the recent fad of lazy animation, that is to say as beautiful as this film is there is a dream sequence that just feels as though they didn't put as much effort in to it as the rest of the film. (similar to the "anime" dream sequence in Kung Fu Panda.) I might be alone in this but I really hope that this isn't the beginning of a new in thing in animation.

This is first and foremost a children friendly family film (one of the cutest things about the screening we viewed were the three dancing three year olds directly underneath the screen during the big song numbers.) I know with out a doubt that this will be on my DVD shelf next to Aladdin and the Emperor's New Groove and other Disney favorites. I give it {{{{4 out of 5}}}}

She said:

I really enjoyed this new Disney classic as I am sure it will become. Like James said about the DVD feeling like it has always been there I personally felt this film was one I had already seen - but not in a bad way. I was very much looking for that familiarity that Disney provides; the characters (a genie/mystery man ala Genie or Jafar, a sidekick ala Sebastian, a comic friend ala Baloo, a fairy godmother ala er... a fairy godmother etc), the fun songs, the uplifting story and the hand drawn animation I oh-so miss.

After recent animations such as Lilo and Stitch and The Emporers New Groove which had some songs but were not musicals The Princess and the Frog was really refreshing. There were lots of fun tunes all with a jazz theme playing on the New Orleans setting. The little girls dancing in the screen really reminded me how much Disney films and songs impact upon children. I am sure those kids will be watching this for a long while (as will I!)

The Princess and the Frog fulfills the staple requirement for a Disney film, that is 'mild peril', characters from 'broken' families (Walt once said "for every laugh there should be a tear") and a strong moral (in this case it was the never tiring film students' go-to, the American Dream).

I was expecting a heavier emphasis on the fact that this is the first black princess but I feel it was done quite well. I would be interested to hear from a Southern U.S. American what they thought of the represetation of race and place in this film. Feel free to comment!

I loved it. Great Sunday film. I give it <<<4 out of 5>>>

They said:
Overall this film was a fun traditional Disney aimed at a family audience but still with a sense of modern humour we have come to expect from more recent and mature animations. If you miss the pre CGI days then watch it. We give it {{{{ 8 out of 10 }}}}


  1. --Is a Southerner--
    Personally I felt issues of race where handled quite well (how the viewer wasn't bombarded with reminders or racial issues). My favorite part of the movie was that the girl's dreams were accomplished through working hard not by a simple windfall.

    As well, I thoroughly enjoyed the dark magic and brokering with demons (this may be my favorite Disney villain for his magic and methods for acquisition of power.

    Accents- Normally Southern accents cause my soul to shatter and die. However, this movie did an excellent job with accents.

  2. Aw, I loved the dream sequence for having a different style!

    Apart fromt he start being slightly slow, I liked everything about this movie. I did wonder if some of the scenes might have been a little scary for small children... but as I don't have any small children of my own, it's not something I overly worried about! :-D

  3. @Maloy - he is one of our favourite villains to. I love just the idea of a 'Shadow Man' and the voodoo magic was very genie like.

    @CaptainD - I think some scenes probably were a bit scary but then most Disney films have scary scenes right? The poison apple in Snow White, Pinnochio being turned into a Donkey, the wolves/forrest in Beauty and the Beast etc etc.