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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clash of the Titans [2D] (Directed by Louis Leterrier)

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He said:
I think we both walked out of this film pleasantly surprised. I didn't go into the theatre with huge expectations, and that alone might be why I was more impressed than displeased. This is another film that unfortunately felt the need to tack on the 3D effects after the fact. Once again it is unnecessary we enjoyed this film in it's original 2D format and did not at any point feel that we had missed out on any thing.
There are things I could gripe about, as Helen says below, the music felt less of an accompaniment and more of separate character. (think Wayans' Brothers in, well any film they are ever in.)
A nod to the original film with the mechanical owl was a nice touch, though it will mostly go unnoticed by the majority of audiences that haven't seen the original film. I enjoyed this film and wouldn't mind having it on my DVD shelf for a night in need of Epic stories with out journeying into Peter Jackson's Tolkein Universe. I give this film {{{{3.5 out of 5}}}}

She said:

We went into this not expecting great things (mainly due to our cyncical yet still adoring belief in Blockbuster films) but I actually came out pleasently surprised. There were elements of this film that I could pick at - and I will do in just a moment - but overall I enjoyed this film. It was an epic fantasy which I am a sucker for and it really wasn't terrible.

Now for the picky bit. I have two main issues. One is with the music. I felt that it could have added to the epic, grandiose story rather than walk the line of fantasy meets heavy metal. I felt like it did not quite sit right. It was too self concious rather than becoming part of the whole.

My other bone to pick was about the special effects and the reason is similar. The effects were (as you would expect) fantastic. The mythological creatures were great fun but I wanted more from them. I wanted more close ups; details of these magnificant beasts. I also wanted great, epic wide shots rather than fighting for a glimpse of the whole. I think they again were being too self-concious in their teasing of the audience. I like to be teased to a point. Then I want to see the frickin monster properly.

Apart from these things - and some occasional badly directed acting - the film was very good. I would see it again. I give this film a respectable {{{3.5 our of 5}}}

They said:

If you do want to see it, then watch in 2D. You really aren't missing much. If you have little to no knowledge of Greek mythology this will probably be a fascinating watch! We give it {{{7 out of 10}}}

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