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Friday, October 1, 2010

Going The Distance

Directed by: Nanette Burstein
UK release: 27 August 2010
US release 3 Sept 2010
Screenplay: Geoff LaTulippe
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate, Ron Livingston


She said:

This film was one James and I really wanted to see in order to work out if Hollywood had any real clue about what it is like to live in a long distance relationship. After all maintaining a relationship over 5000 miles and two continents does make us feel like experts somewhat.

On the whole I think this film did well, but in terms of realism... I think it was a little lacking: it simply portrayed the tip of the iceberg shall we say. Of course this film is a romcom not a serious drama so all in all I think it showed the compromise and strength of long distance relationships really well.

The best bits for me were the comedy and the 'cuteness' (which I think come with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore in a kind of package deal). The friends of Garrett and family of Erin provide the best comic relief as they adapt to their loved one's seeing someone thousands of miles away.

Overall I think this is a film that the majority of people will get something out of. There is enough romance for softies to have a good 'awww' and enough comedy to satisfy those who think 'ewww'. I really enjoyed this light, bubbly tale... and just for the record - long distance is hard, but it is worth it. I give this film {{{4 out of 5}}}

He said:

I saw this film a few weeks ago, and although I really enjoyed it - and was pretty sure Helen would as well - I had a few minor problems with how this long distance couple dealt with both their lives and the relationship they shared.

Obviously Helen and I have been in a long distance relationship for the majority of the time that we have been together. There have been hard times and really low times, but the time we spent together, be it on line via emails, Skype or over the phone, always made things seem better.

While we are always proud to be spoiler free, I will say (without spoiling any major plot details) that most of Erin and Garrett's unhappiness almost always followed a moment where they had spoken. Now, trust me when I tell you that if you can't find the happiness in those short moments where you do get to connect then there are bigger troubles ahead.

This is cute rom-com that obviously hit very close to home for both Helen and I. There is one scene in particular that stood out to both of us about dealing with the future and "figuring it out". I enjoyed this film and while there were parts I disagreed with it left me with a happy heart. {{{I give it 4 out 5}}}

They said:

He said, She said is happy to announce that as this review is posted we are no longer a long distance couple! Together, forever. Go see this film just to make us smile. We give it [[[8 out of 10]]]

Question of the week:
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? How far apart was it and what kept you strong?

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