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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Megamind {2D}

Directed by: Tom McGrath
UK release: 03 Dec 2010
US release: 07 Nov 2010
Starring (voices): Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross


She said:

Megamind was always set to be a big hit with stars like Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell but I have to admit I found it a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, this is a very funny film and I laughed right till the end, but there was just something missing - it didn't have the same edge achieved by other CGI animated films like Shrek or Despicable Me.

This film did something that really annoys me; it put all of the funniest moment in the trailer thus leaving you inevitably disappointed at the funny-but-not-as-funny moments in the rest of the film. Of course commercially this works fantastically growing maximum expectation for the film which generates mega-sales (no matter what you think of it they already have your cash!). But taking of my cynical hat for a moment I think this is a great family film which all the family can enjoy.

The story is one that I am sure everyone can identify with of someone who seeks negative attention because it is better than no attention. A fish out of water if you like (which is funny because his sidekick is a fish on a robot body) simply trying to fit in... but with varying amounts of success.

If anyone here listens to our radio shows you will know I can't stand Jonah Hill. Luckily in this film they didn't seem to let him do too much ad-libbing (huzzah) but I think his character was a bit pointless. There were other parts of the story which I would have like to seen explored further - I won't say what because we don't do spoilers - so I felt that the Jonah Hill storyline stretched out the film a bit and was a bit wearing as it went on. However overall a good one to go see. I give this film {{{3 out of 5}}}

He said:
As Helen mentions above Megamind's biggest fault is that the best jokes of the film were included in the trailer and the remaining jokes were largely hit and miss. I often find myself in a difficult and unmotivated place when I have to write reviews for films that I don't have a strong opinion of either way, and Megamind is one of those films.

This is yet another film that lost absolutely nothing in 2D. Dreamworks studios has once again proven that they are at the very least on par with Pixar's animation studio. It does seem that both studios struggle to create believable human looking human characters though they seem to have no problem anthropomorphizing plants and animals.

With one exception I really felt that each character was independent of the actor portraying them. The exception being Titan (Jonah Hill) for some reason the animators decided to animate a remarkably close likeness of the actor instead of creating a new character.

Considering Jonah Hill's live action roles all seem to be "Jonah Hill in random situation" (with the exception of Get him to the Greek, by far Hill's best performance to date in my opinion.) It seems to me it would have been in his best interest to jump at the chance to slip into a different skin. Minor complaints aside this is a fun film and younger audiences will enjoy it. I give it {{{3.5 out of 5}}}

They said:
As per usual when given the opportunity we screened the 2D version and can safely say once again that we were not cheated by the experience. Save the extra cash for the concession stands. [[[We give it 6.5 out of 10]]]


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