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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Directed by: Ryan Murphy
UK Release: 24 Sept 2010
US Release: 13 August 2010
Starring: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardiem, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Richard Jenkins

IMDB page

He said:

Eat, Pray, Love is a film that coasts through its narrative; it is a story (based on the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert) about a woman traveling the world to find herself with a much broader appeal.

This is a long film that some might find stalls a bit while heading towards it's conclusion. I found when the film ends I had enjoyed the journey as much as the destination. Much like life this film has a rhythm all it's own and follows it stunningly.

The destinations in Eat, Pray, Love were all filmed on location, and each of them made me realize there is so much more of our beautiful planet that I have yet to see. This film is about Liz finding not only herself but her place in this world, something I think the large majority of the target audience will identify with very well.

This is a film with a wonderful heart, and I would not be surprised to see it receive numerous nominations as the award season comes around in a few months. I give this film {{{4 out of 5}}}

She said:

I was really interested to see this film which is about travelling the world to find yourself (something everyone probably wishes they could do if money were no option, which unfortunately it is). I found the film slow to get going and though I hate to admit it, there were points in the narrative when I found myself slightly bored. Despite this however, I really did enjoy what this film was trying to achieve, and overall I think it did achieve it.

Eat Pray Love is definitely a film with a brain and a soul. It is a film that makes you think about your life and the way you live it both practically and spiritually. Although I can't connect to the spiritual side of the story easily (being not spiritual in any way) I appreciated these moments nonetheless. Of course if you aren't into that sort of thing you can always laugh at Julia Roberts and another annoyingly slim woman trying to claim they have 'muffin tops'.

This film was beautifully filmed on location, as James previously mentioned. I found myself much more intrigued about what I can learn from the world and what there is 'out there' to see and discover, rather than looking inwards at myself to 'find my path in life'. It is a movie about self acceptance rather than self reflection; about forgiving yourself for what you have done (whether that be eating too many carbs or something more serious).

Overall despite the slow start it was well worth sticking with. The film really shines in the 'second act' which is mainly due to a fantastic performance by Richard Jenkins, which really solidified my affection for this story. I give this film {{{3.5 out of 5}}}

They said:

The fact that this film is based on a true story is what makes this film; the fact that the journey and discoveries Julia Roberts' character makes is achievable makes you connect with it more. It is shot on some amazing locations in Italy, India and Bali which will make you drool with envy and make you want to start saving for your next holiday now! We give this film {{{7.5 out of 10}}}

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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